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"I had the pleasure of taking COMM107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practices with Professor Meusa at the University of Maryland, College Park. From the first class, I was intrigued, amused, and excited to spend the semester with someone so personal yet professional. I looked forward to every lesson, every speech, and every class. With her guidance, the classroom became a safe, open setting and my classmates became like family. Professor Meusa gave me the first opportunity to speak about my most personal passions and encouraged me to share my most personal stories. In her class, I felt closure from past experiences and inspiration to continue to speak. She treated my classmates and me with respect and taught to change students’ lives, not to change their GPA’s. I am grateful to have had a professor like Professor Meusa and truly believe her future students are a lucky bunch."

irene solaiman

University of Maryland Graduate

"Ms. Erskine-Meusa is an excellent professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. She offered me insights about social interactions, public speaking, and collaborative norms that I would have never thought of if I had not attended her Communications course. She did an outstanding performance delivering life essential skills in communication that is applicable for every student. I really appreciate her kindness and desire to easily develop friendships with her students, her passion to ensure her students understand the material, and her diligence to motivate her students to apply her teaching in out-of-classroom experiences. She would always be prepared with different teaching methods to engage her students and related course material with real-world experiences. She also saw potential in every student, pushing them past their limits in order to see them grow successfully. I highly recommend any student to attend her classes because her teaching style is phenomenal and entertaining. I would definitely take another course with her if I could in the future."

Ryan Wong

University of Maryland Graduate

"In the Fall of 2017, I had the pleasure of taking a "foundation of human communication" course with Dr. deneze at montgomery college. I had taken the class with another professor, prior to taking her class, and failed miserably. Thank god I did! I decided to retake the class with Dr. deneze and received an "A" in the class. The class was fast paced. Classes lasted three hours and met during the evening, but it never felt that way. Walking into this classroom felt like a breath of fresh air. Until that time, I never had a professor that genuinely cared for me  the way she did. In fact, she cared for all of the other students too. Taking her class was a life changing experience. I learned life lessons that I carry with me to this day and I will hold them with me until I am no longer walking on this earth. Please take her class. You will never regret it!"

Claudette kasozi

Montgomery College Graduate

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